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A brief history of sex toys - Part 1

A brief history of sex toys - Part 1

dildos, sex toys, orgasm

Image from the European Association Of Urology

If you’re reading this post you most likely have a love for or at least an interest in adult play. And when we say “adult play” we mean with sex toys. And you know what you’re an OK person in our book if that is the case.

But, we want to do a little more than just give you a high five or tell you how much we like the fact that enhance creams, dildos and clit stimulators can help increase your climaxes. We’re going to take a little time in this post to dive into the history of sex toys. Many of us use them but we have a hunch you mayyyyy not have known that sex aids have been around for at least 28,000 years. Yeah, that’s right. The oldest known dildo discovered has been carbon dated to be used from a time of 28,000 years ago. The use of which predates organized religion, civilization, and even the establishment of what we know as marriage.


dildo, orgasm, sex toys

“A 7.8-inch (20cm) long, 1.1-inch (3cm) wide stone object (pictured) was found in the Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm in the Swabian Jura. The prehistoric ‘tool’ is made from 14 fragments of siltstone and dates back 28,000 years. Due to its size, experts believe it may be the earliest example of a sex aid ever found.”

Seems like 8” mattered a bit much to some individuals even 28,000 years ago.

To add to the slew of interesting tidbits, helpful toy phalluses were also found to be made out of other materials such as stone (ouch ouch ouch), wood, leather, and camel’s dung (yes we said that correctly). Grecians used shaped camel dung coated in resin as an option. 

dildo, sex toy, orgasm

In China; during the Han Dynasty,
butt plugs were made of Jade. The apparent claim for the use of butt plugs was that embalmers used them to prevent chi from exiting the body of the deceased. Just in case you didn’t know - Chi being the life and energy force of the individual. Also in China, Strap ons were light tools made of bronze and were used by both men and women.

Additionally, Egyptians used unripped bananas as an option. Nothing seemed to be out of the question when making the latest and greatest sex toys; at the time. Sex aids continued to progress from being made of stone, marble, to metal, and even bread; yes we said bread. We’re sure it’s not the loaves of sandwich bread you find on the shelves in the grocery stores today. This had to be some hard-ass and possibly even slightly polished (with resin) bread. The fact that bread was used leaves me with some additional questions. Like, was this the same bread you made for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Or was a special batch made just for play time? Most likely it’s the before-mentioned.

Today we can enjoy the use of plastic and rubber concoctions. One of the good things about these advancements is that the possibility of more sanitary use of sex toys also continued to improve (plastic and rubber).

Did you know that around 1400 AD, the term “dildo” derived from a Latin form of the phrase meaning “open wide”? It also originated from the Italian word “diletto”; which means delight. I mean with the size of some of those things “open wide” is no understatement.

dildo, sex toy, orgasm
From Hebei Museum, Shijiazhuang - “A double-sided two person dildo and two Balls known as Ben kWa. Also known as Burmese Balls or "orgasm" balls.”

We will provide some more information on tools used during sexual escapades in Part 2 of our “Brief History of Sex Toys” series. Stay tuned.


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